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100 days in Costa Rica

I still love this pose- not just two thumbs.

100 is kind of a magic number. After this number of days, most people start to look at the time that passed and try to figure out what has changed. After the first 100 days of each presidency or government, we start analysing, how many goals were reached, what politicians did and how it affected the country. After 100 days I can honestly say, that I reached a big goal of mine: Improving my Spanish. I am understanding more than before and my stay in Costa Rica has had a big impact on my Spanish skills. However, I am still learning everyday new words or grammar rules, but I am already able to have a conversation with someone in Spanish, which not just consists of stumbling words and describing basic vocabulary. During the last 100 days, my photography also has changed a lot. Most notably almost all the photos of the Valle Grande, where I live, show people, I met randomly on the streets and asked for a photo. Like I have already said, frequently practicing Street Photography is the best way to become confident in what you do. In Vienna, I often struggled asking someone for permission to photograph him, so I focused more on architecture and the streets of the city. And don’t understand me wrong, I´m passionate about architecture and buildings and churches and all that stuff, but Street Photos had fascinated me for such a long time and finally realizing my ideas makes me feel very happy. If you also want to start it, never forget to be patient and polite, and most importantly a “no” is not the end of the world. There are people which don’t like to be photographed and we have to respect that, but most of them feel proud and there are a lot more “yeses” than “noes”.

The first person, I have asked in Costa Rica and she just smiled at me and was happy about my request, which really made me more confident

A couple I met at the market: She wasn’t really a fan of my idea but her husband was too enthusiastic

Just a classic portrait, but her smile seemed so honest

I had seen this man like a dozen times before I finally had my camera with me.

At the markets in Costa Rica are a lot of sodas, small restaurants where you eat a fast breakfast or lunch. These 3 women manage one.

The feria agricultor in Alajuela is one of the bigger ones in Costa Rica and the people there were so friendly and open minded.

A woman packing beans, but look at the strong and focused eyes…
Another couple- another story: She really liked my idea and I guess he did it for her.

Afternoon sun, a silver desk and a man who is reflected by it.

I took that photo at a market, I have just visited once, but this look needed to be photographed.

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