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2018- a hopefully not kitschy review

2018 is barely over and like a lot of others, I also decided to make a review: 2018 was a very interesting and exciting “travel year” for me. I visited countries, I had never been before, but I also came back to places, I had visited before and already had been in love with.

My first journey this year was a skiing trip to a skiing area near Schladming in Styria, where I have skied since I was little and which was also the first real ski area I`ve ever visited. The weather had its ups and downs, it snowed and was windy but there was also some sunshine. But the best weather was definitely, when I took that photo: In the morning at the valley station it was foggy, but on the way up to the mountains, we left the fog behind us and skied under a blue sky.

But there were also some events in Vienna, like the Sommernachts Concert in Schönbrunn, which were very special for me. I had never been there before and visiting it for the first time was kind of impressive. Top tip: Come early enough to get a seat up on the Gloriette Hill.

My first journey of the summer 18 guided me to the capital of Poland, Warsaw. I had never been before to Warsaw, but had already visited two other cities in Poland. We stayed at a friend`s place, which is by the way my favourite way of travelling.

Another destination of this summer was London. I chose a photo, which I took near the Royal Albert Hall shortly before a concert. In July and August, the BBC is hosting concerts there, called BBC Proms, where you can listen to various types of music for a very cheap price. We had tickets for a classic concert, which I really enjoyed. Even if you are not a fan of Mozart, Hayden and co, it`s nice to purchase a ticket because you can see the famous concert hall from the inside.

Because I mentioned regions I returned to, it`s now the time to tell you something about Vorarlberg. I chose a picture from the Bregenzerwald, which I visited for the first time during my stay in Bregenz. I had already been to Bregenz in 2016 and was very thrilled to go back, because I really enjoyed the flair of the city and the atmosphere at the lake. The Bregenzerwald, also became one of the places, I want to visit again and I`m already super exciting about returning.

The next image shows the Achensee in the Tyrol, which was the second station at our road trip through Austria. This lake is one of the most famous places for tourists in Austria, but after visiting it you know why, I mean look at the colour of the water…

After road tripping, I travelled to Riga and later to Tallinn. Riga is still very authentic and isn`t a very famous destination for tourists. After leaving the Oldtown, everyone can explore the city on his own, by buying something at the central food market or by strolling through neighbourhoods, where you still find wooden houses.

From Riga I made my way to Tallinn, which is the opposite of Riga: A lot of tourists and some very modern hoods. The image I selected, was taken in the morning at the Kadriorg palace, which is definitely the best time to go there.

But summer is not just about travelling, it´s also about new experiences, and for me, that meant getting up at five in the morning and exploring the city. I have to admit, that I wasn’t sure about my idea, but after the first time in the city and when I saw how it awoke, I became a fan of it.

The following image was taken from the roof of St. Stephan’s and from there you have a unique view over the city and lucky me, also onto one of my favourite houses in the inner city.

VFW- everybody knows the big fashion weeks in Paris or London, but there is also a small one in Vienna, which is taking place every autumn in front of the MQ in a big tent, where small brands show their collections. Taking photos there is easy and you don’t need any permissions.

Last but not least, an image from my recent trip to Salzburg. After my fourth time there, I can honestly say, that this city is something very special and, doesn’t matter when, worth a visit. I took this photo at a cemetery in the middle of Salzburg.

2018 is over and was a great year for me and I`m already planning for 2019…

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