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3 weeks in Costa Rica- time flies!

February is already over, march has just started and on the first of march my third week in Costa Rica ended. Can you believe it? Me neither. The past week, was a week with a lot of great light: Amazing sunsets and two rainbows. Sadly, I haven’t always had my camera with me, even though I managed to shoot the “burning sky” once. Moreover, I found a “pigeon spot” at the square in front of the church, where I also met some street performers, who were practising there. On Saturday, I spent the morning in the city, visiting the local market, as always. I also found an open-air exhibition consisting of a bunch of sculptures, from different artist. At the moment I am getting a lot into Street Photography and try to practice as much as possible. Hope you like the results….

The mentioned sunset- I mean…

This was the first person, who has ever asked me, if I want to take a photo of him.

After I had asked the man for taking a photo, he even stopped his practicing and started doing a trick he already knew perfectly

One of the sculptures represented a girl, who took a selfie and I really liked the composition with the strictly looking man in the background

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