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Breakfast in 1150

An Austrian saying claims, that you should eat breakfast like an imperator, lunch like a king and dinner like a beggar. For the days, when we take that serious, I looked for 3 restaurants in the 15th district of Vienna, where you find "imperial" breakfast.

das Eduard

Das Eduard is a mix out of a restaurant and a modern Café in Rudolfsheim Fünfhaus, the 15th district of Vienna. The Café is located on a small place in a white corner house. In front of the entrance, you have a pub garden under a big plane tree, where up to 75 persons can find a place to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner in the warm period of the year. They offer some breakfast menus but you can also add yoghurt with berries or nuts, various versions of eggs or some homemade waffles with chocolate and fruits. Next to the small breakfast (one roll, one egg, one croissant with jam and butter, a small glass of orange juice and a coffee) and the big breakfast, you can also order some special types of breakfast, like a vegetarian breakfast or a Pho breakfast, which consists out of a hot chicken soup. The pub garden is also very charming for just reading the news paper or a book. In the evening they offer “classic” modern dishes like Burgers or a chicken wrap, which you can also order, with small balls out of sweet potatoes instead of chicken. Moreover, you can also choose a real classic of the Viennese cuisine, like Schnitzel or braised cheek of beef, which are a rare thing in the restaurants of Vienna. Another recommendation, which is worth to order, is a risotto out of beets, which made me fall in love with this place after our first visit there. For drinking I recommend the homemade ice teas. If you are planning to visit Vienna and want to stay for a couple of days and you want to see another side of the city, take the underground and visit this place for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or just to grab a coffee- whatever you prefer.

Das Augustin

Another Café in Vienna, which is called by a given name, is das Augustin in the 15th district of Vienna. It’s located next to a church and the entrance is not very conspicuous. The whole Café is kind of big and in the summer, you can also take a seat in the yard, but making a reservation on weekends is although necessary. The interior is super cosy and they have different types of desks and tables, which makes every desk more individual. Moreover, they put some flowers, hipster like in a small milk bottle, on every desk and a candle. They offer various breakfast menus, like the standard breakfast, consisting out of a croissant, a roll and some sweet spreads, but also a vegan breakfast or an oriental one. In addition, you can order different “topics”, like cereals or pancakes, but additions like the pancakes, are even enough, if you aren’t that hungry. Something I also really appreciate is the fact, that they only use organic eggs. If you are not a fan of orange juice and coffee for breakfast, try one of their homemade ice teas. They also offer lunch and dinner and especially in the summer, when you can take a seat in the yard, you should check this place out for dinner. The menu seems very personal, because you can’t say what type of food they serve. For me, although I have just eaten there breakfast once, the menu seems like, the chef chose his favourite dishes and created a menu card. If you are around this place in summer or winter, come by, grab a coffee or eat something, you will feel welcome, at the moment, when you enter this place.


The last café I visited for breakfast was the newly opened Turnhalle in 1150, near the underground station Gumpendorferstraße. The restaurant- café takes place in an old gym of a Jewish school in a yard. In front of the entrance, but still inside the yard, they also have a small pub garden with some big pot plants. On the menu you mainly find vegetarian breakfast dishes, but also lunch or dinner bowls. On every Saturday and Sunday, they also host a big vegetarian brunch. We visited this place in the week and from Monday to Friday, they offer five breakfast, named after five colours. Green, Yellow, Orange, Black, Purple. We ordered Green and Yellow. The green one is made of a slice of bread, with pesto and a mixed salad of spinach and green onions. In addition, you get a boiled egg, which is served cold and twitched. If you can’t imagine know what I mean, it doesn’t matter. This was of preparing an egg was also completely new for me. The yellow breakfast is made for the ones who prefer a sweet breakfast. It consists of pancakes with a mango sauce, lemon curd and drop scones. For drinking, we got immediately after entering the restaurant, a jar of taped water for free, which is something I really love, when you visit a place for eating out there. But for the perfect breakfast you also need coffee and the one you get there is fantastic. If you are I the mood for a light and vegetarian breakfast this place will make your wishes come true.

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