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Breakfasting in Sámara: The Bohemia Café

Sámara is one of the most famous towns in Costa Rica, mainly because of its beach and the waves there. A lot of tourists go to Sámara to spend some days at the beach or go surfing, but also some Europeans moved there. One of them is the owner of the Bohemia Café. He is from France and still counting in French, while giving you your change. The Café, which also hosts a Yoga studio, is a mix of european elements and classic beach interior, like the super comfortable couches or the palms. The food is kind of difficult to describe, because it’s a mix of everything. They have croissants and smoothies, but also omelettes and avocado toast. I ordered the avocado toast, a slice of banana bread and a black coffee. Every breakfast also contains a small portion of Costa Rican fruits. I got a piece of watermelon, papaya and pineapple. The avocado toast was definitely a good choice and eating avocados, in the country where they grow made it even better. On the top of the toast, there was a hard-boiled egg. Normally it’s a soft-boiled one but in this case the hard one was better a better choice, because when its already super hot, you don’t want warm yolk all over your bread. They also used olive oil, which is not very popular in Costa Rica, mainly because of its high price here and hell, I had missed it. The banana bread or “queque de banana” in Spanish, was soft and sweet but not too sweet. Since I am in Central America, I´m super into banana bread. Don’t ask me why. The coffee was good, but not super special. Compared to normal Costa Rican prices the Bohemia Café is kind of expensive, but in Sámara it is difficult to find budget food or normal prices at all. You also cannot pay there by card so make sure you have cash with you. If you are in Sámara, check this place out. If you don’t want to eat breakfast there, have lunch or enjoy an afternoon slice of banana bread (or any other cake) with a cup of coffee.

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