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Café Liebling- vegan food for vegans and curious ones

Just two small desks and four red chairs around them, indicate that here is a Café. The chance of not noticing or missing the entrance is quite high. Behind the door, you will find a surprisingly big Café, various small desks with soft chairs and couches. All of them have different designs, colours and are from different times, but all in all they look amazing together. Plants, lamps and mirrors decorate the bare walls. Small fact, Liebling means favourite in German. We chose a round, white desk in the middle of the restaurant. Next to the entrance there is a bar and a cake showcase. The Café seems to be situated in three different rooms, which were connected during the construction but the original floor plan is still noticeable. But now the most important part, how was the food? We had two different, vegan breakfast menus, both consisting of cereals and a piquant part. The first one included a small bowl of sweet bulgur, cooked in plat milk and grilled vegetables with tortillas. Moreover, there was some guacamole, hummus and Pico de Gallo. The other one contained over-night oats, a bulgur beet salad with spinach and three dips. Hummus, Babaganush and an amazing sweet potato- beet dip, which tasted horrendously good on top of the crispy ciabatta bread. I added a matcha-latte instead of coffee. During winter, they have even more hot drinks like turmeric latte, which are also available with plant milk. Big applause also for that! All in all this place is perfect for everyone, who is vegan or wants to try vegan food. They serve breakfast from nine to four o’clock and making a reservation before a visiting it, might be a good idea if you are a group, but not necessary if you arrive there early.

The entrance and the cake bar.

A matcha latte and in the background a vintage tabletop.

The first breakfast menu called "Taube" (pigeon)

and the second one called "Liebling".

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