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Cafe Zehnsiebzig- somewhere between Vienna and Croatia

“Zehnsiebzig“ is the post code of Vienna´s hippest and most important district, according to food, clothes and “lifestyle”. It´s a mix of an in-Café and a Croatian delicacy shop. The menu is a bit short but contains a lot of interesting dishes, which makes it hard to choose. They have different omelettes with various ingredients. Some of them are quite usual like parmesan cheese or avocado, but they also have one with black truffles from Croatia. We chose the homemade Granola with yogurt and shared the omelette with truffle. One mentionable thing is, that we got a jar of water two minutes after we had entered the Café. Then, I got a Cappuccino with oat milk, which was super good. The used coffee beans are fair trade and from an Austrian roastery. For vegans they have oat and soy milk and one vegan sweet and savoury breakfast. The granola was homemade and totally fine, especially with the big amount of yogurt and different fruits. The omelette was made of three organic eggs from Upper Austria and tasted super good (if you like truffles). In generally the owners try to shop as local and organic as possible, which they also mention in the menu. A lot of the used products are also from Croatia like the olive oil, some herbs and the truffles. They also continue another Mediterranean tradition: If you order an Espresso at the bar, you just have to pay one Euro. The interior is cosy, but some slight changes wouldn’t hurt. Especially putting the Mediterranean/ Croatian influence more visible around the Café would stronger their “identity”. At the end, a visiting this Café might cure your wanderlust for a moment during a rainy day or the first week back at work after your holidays.

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