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El día del Boyero- a b and w Photo Essay

A small town near San José, a lot of bulls in the street, colourful oxcarts and a cowboy hats worn by the visitors: This is the Día del Boyero in San Antonio de Escazú. The día nacional del boyero in Costa Rica celebrates the profession of the oxherd, but even more important the history of the oxcarts. But why are the Costa Rican oxcarts so special? Well, the colourful design made them very famous and since 2005 they have already been named as an UNESCO world heritage. The history of the oxcarts in Costa Rica has started with the Spanish colonizers who brought them to improve the agriculture and the transport of goods. But the design had had to be changed to function in Costa Rica. The small city of Sarchi became very important for the production and for the reparation of oxcarts and even now it´s possible to visit a traditional factory there. With the emergence of new ways of transportation, the oxcart lost his importance in the daily life, but has kept being an important symbol for the culture of Costa Rica. The celebration in Escazú normally takes place at the second Sunday of March. The city is ten minutes away from San José by car, but there are also buses, which connects the capital to its smaller neighbour. Next to the big parade, some people sell food and snacks, but the restaurants around it also open.

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