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Exploring the Tyrol- a hike up to the Rofanspitze

During our road trip through the west of Austria, we also stopped at the Achensee in the Tyrol. The Achsensee is the biggest lake of the Tyrol. It is situated between two mountain chains and 929 meters above sea level. Because of its location, the lake and the mountains around it are perfect for different summer sports like hiking or cycling. One of the easier hikes there is up to the Rofanspitze, a mountain which is 2259 meters high. You can also go the half of the way by cable car from Maurach, which is at the southside of the Achsensee. The lift ends at 1848 meters. From the summit station you start hiking straight but it soon gets up. The trail guides you through a kind of a valley between the mountains, where a lot of cows browse around you. You will also have some short straight parts but most of the way goes up, sometimes flatter sometimes steeper. The end of the trail surges and there it´s very important to be sure footed, especially when you are on your way back down the mountain. At the top of the mountain you can eat a snack and enjoy the impressive view. During the entire hike you have good vies onto the mountains around you. The entire hike is a bit more than 7 kilometres long and you walk 430 meters in height. You should definitely wear a good pair of hiking shoes and you should have a minimum of hiking know how. If you normally use hiking sticks, you will do better with them. The first lift leaves at eight o´clock and if you take them you won´t have any problems with the heat or a thunderstorm. I really enjoyed this hike but going down to the lake from the summit station is not really enjoyable.

View from the top of the mountain

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