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Florentin 1070- a small Café for oriental breakfast

The Florentin 1070 in the Siebensterngasse is the second Florentin in Vienna, which you also find in the ninth. The whole restaurant gets even a lot of attention, when you´re just walking by at it: The façade is painted with small houses and palms in black and white, which makes the house even from the outside very aesthetic. The restaurant is not very big and so it feels very cosy. The floor is flagged with black and white tiles and also most of the furniture is b and w. We chose a small table in the window, which offers a very private atmosphere, because the desk is surrounded by the frame of the big windows onto the street. For breakfast we ordered an avocado toast, called Avo Avi, French toasts with jam and coffee. The French toasts were very soft and the berry jam fitted very well, but just for people who really like sweets. The Avo Avi consisted of two slices of dark bread, a lot of guacamole, two fried eggs and a small bowl of a cucumber- tomato salad. Try that, it`s amazing! The cuisine a the Florentin is generally inspired by a modern, oriental way to cook. You find various dishes with hummus, some famous meals from Israel and for drinking Middle Eastern classics like Nana Tea, which is basically mint tea made with a lot of fresh Moroccan mint. We just came by at a Sunday and found a table, if you want to visit this place in a big group, booking a table might be a good idea.

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