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High Alpine hiking for everyone in Vorarlberg

Vorarlberg is the smallest province of Austria and it is in the middle of The Alpes between the Tyrol and Switzerland. Because of its landscape it’s predestined for sports. One of the most famous places in Vorarlberg is Lech and the villages, like Zuers, around it. Especially skiers now this area and even princess Diana spent her winter holidays there. But the mountains around the Arlberg are also perfect for hiking during the summer. It’s cooler because of the level of the mountains and you have a beautiful panorama. When we were staying at Lake Constance we decided to go hiking there. We chose an easier tour, which started in Harth, which is the next village after Lech. From Warth you take a ski lift, called Steffisalp, up to the mountain and at the summit stations our hike started. From there the trail goes softly up till you come to another ski lift. On our way we walked through alpine pastures and saw some cows, standing around and grazing.

spotted this groundhog

Near to the ski lift, there’s a lake and you have a great panorama onto the mountains around you. At that moment we nearly arrived at the highest point of the hike and we started going down and again passed a group of cows. The way became flat and we continued walking till the trail started going down again and we saw the lake, which was the target of our hike. This lake won the first place in an Austrian TV show, where they were looking for the most beautiful place in Austria. There was also a hotel with a restaurant near the lake, where we drank coffee after we had eaten our snacks. From the lake we followed the way up and and after 10 minutes it became flatter. We arrived at a bus station where we took a bus back to Steffisalp. There is also a hiking trail back to the ski lift where we parked our car. At the end we walked for 9,5 kilometres and we got up to 2040 meters. The trail is easy and a pair of good hiking shoes and some hiking sticks (if you use them) is the only equipment you need. You don’t need a helmet or any climbing gear. If you take a dog with you be careful, because you will pass by a lot of cows.

the "most beautiful" place in Austria

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