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Hiking around the Wilder Kaiser massif in 5 days- part II

Day 4

Breakfast was served at seven and after picking up my sandwiches for lunch I could start. The trails started going up right behind the house. The first part was mainly in the forest, once I passed a pasture, but after 40 minutes, I left the forest and the view was amazing: The whole valley was filled by fog and the morning light illuminated the mountains. I continued going up to the Stripsenjochhaus for half an hour and took a coffee there. From its terrace, you are right in front of the faces of the Wilder Kaiser. Behind the house, the trail goes upwards just a bit more and then continues going straight on a back of a mountain and was an up-and-down. At some points metal ropes were constructed to hold on to. The highest point then was fast reached. After the Feldberg, the trail just went downwards. At the beginning on the mountain`s back, then on a normal path and at the end on a dirt road. Sometimes I was in the forest, but also crossing cow pastures. After leaving the dirt road, I arrived at a normal road along the Kaiserbach river. At this point you have to turn to the left, cross the parking and then go to Griesenau on the road. I stayed in the Guesthouse Griesenau. My stay for the night wasn`t special but it was also not bad. Right before sunset I walked along the beginning of the last stage for one hundred metres. The trail is located between two pastures and between the hills, you can see the sharp rocks of the Wilder Kaiser massive.

Nearly the same view at a different time

The Spripsenjochhaus

Hiking up for more than one hour was worth it, considering this view

A small peak along the trail

After dinner I did a short sunset walk and arrived exactly at the right time

I even had to run to capture the sun, before it would disappear behind the mountains

Day 5

Last day, last hike. I started between the pastures as mentioned, passed a small forest and then crossed a cow pasture, while watched by the big mountains in my back. After the cow pasture the trail crossed a forest going upwards again and then continued on a dirt road. Near the village Gasteig the trail went along a dirt road and I crossed some cow pastures and passed two beautiful alpine cabins. Two and a half hours after leaving the guesthouse the trail turned to the right in a forest and went upwards. On the top, the trail continued on the back of the hills, surrounded by a forest on the right-hand side and on the other side it went straight down and I walked between the rocks. Along the back it went up and down, sometimes they put metal ropes in the stone to hold on them or some stairs. At one point, a steep ladder helps you going down an it’s about 8 metres long. But you won´t make this part if you are not free from giddiness. After the ladder there wasn’t a lot more to go. I continued in a forest and passed a waterfall. And after having an orange lemonade at the Graspoint Niederalm and then quickly arrived at the parking again.

For going home, I took the shuttle to Going and from there the bus to Kichberg, from where you can take a train Wörgl. This city is in of the bigger ones in this area and a lot of train on their way to Salzburg pass Wörgl. There are also other options, like taking a train from Kitzbühel. I just took the bus, which arrived sooner, so it was up to the bus plan.

And then I walked for a sunrise walk before breakfast

More flowers

The first sunrays dye the stones orange

A small puddle right after a forest

Some last pastures

And again looking down at Kitzbühel

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