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Let’s speak Spanish- my second week in Costa Rica

There were many reasons why I went to Costa Rica, but one of the main ones was to improve my Spanish and to speak as well as possible after my time there. After two weeks, I already see a big progress in speaking it, but even more understanding it gets easier every day. If you have to use a foreign language every day and every time to get in contact with others or to have a conversation, you will learn surprisingly fast. If anyone wants to improve his language skills, I highly recommend a trip to another country, where you don’t have the chance to help yourself with English or your native tongue. What else happened this week? Well, because of school, I haven’t had much time for photography, despite, I got up early one day to enjoy the beautiful morning light. On Saturday, I again made my way to the feria, the local farmers market for a pipa and the thousands of photo motives. I also talked to some stall owners and made some portraits of them. This was a new experience for me and I hadn’t done that before very often, but I was overwhelmed by the friendly reactions.

I saw this man opening coco nuts and asked him if I could take a photo of him while he was opening doing that. He grabbed one and started…

This woman was selling goldfishes from some small fish tanks and was very happy about me taking photos of her

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