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Looking back at 2019

There are just a couple of days left, before 2020 is going to start and at this time of the year it´s always getting a bit cheesy: 2019 was a great year, according to my journeys. I´ve travelled to different countries, met new people learned tons of new stuff.

I spent the first days of the year in London, doing a bit of sight seeing and family time. It was not my first time there, but I always explore new sights, or things I would call so. This time it was the Barbican Centre, a housing complex, which had inspired me so much, that I even wrote a blog about it.

In February I started my longest journey yet and kind of moved to Costa Rica for several months. I spent hours and hours photographing, editing and writing blogs. I even got into Street Photography, which was way easier in Costa Rica than in Austria. I don’t know why, but I feel more insecure while asking for permission to take a portrait of someone in Vienna.

In march, I took a bus to the south of Costa Rica and did one week of voluntary work in a national park in the middle of nowhere, but it still was amazing. Spending one week in a such natural region, without any internet and noises, was amazingly relaxing.

During my Easter holidays, I decided to go to Mexico. One of the best moments of this trip was watching the sunrise from a high-rise living building in Mexico City. This huge city is very impressing and sometimes it might make you afraid of it because of its size. Especially while landing at the airport, you might get shocked a bit, because it seems like the city wouldn’t end.

Back in Costa Rica, I went to Monteverde in the middle of the country. This is definitely one of the most touristic regions of the country, but the nature there is so breath taking. Especially the hanging bridges in one of the cloud forests are a highlight, you shouldn’t miss.

After Monteverde, I´ve been on the longest bus ride of my live. 16 hours from San José to Panamá City. The capital of Panama is so different to Costa Rica, bigger, higher more modern. But in some places, you get in touch with the normal people, like the fishermen.

Another famous region of Costa Rica is the Guanacatse peninsula in the north. It´s mostly famous because of its beaches and a friend of mine lived there in the town Samara. We spent the whole days at the beach, swam and watched the sunsets. We even did some short hikes to have better views at the landscape.

One of the trips I did without writing a blog, nor posting photos on Instagram about it was to Manuel Antonio and Quepos. The national park of Manuel Antonio is maybe the most famous one of Costa Rica and has one of the few beaches where you can actually swim. The town Quepos near the park has a huge promenade and if you are lucky, you will get an amazing sunset.

In July my family came to Costa Rica and we have travelled around the country for three and a half weeks. One of the coolest places was the Tortuguero National Park in northern east coast. This photo was taken during a canoe ride.

Back in Austria and still a bit jet lagged, I did a hiking trip in the Tyrol. This was actually one of the best experiences ever. Being the whole day surrounded by stunning nature and the mountains connects you in a different way to your environment.

The throwback would also not be complete without a sunrise picture. I did some sunrise walks in Vienna but I guess less than in 2018. It still super cool that you can have this insanely famous places for your own if you are there early enough.

The next picture is based on an idea I had years ago. I had seen this view on Instagram before I found the house and also knew that this would be an afternoon location. Sadly, there was never a photo online taken during autumn. So, this year I managed to get there, when the leaves had already turned yellow and could realise this idea.

Number thirteen (I think one photo more than last year) was taken during a sunrise walk in Berlin in October. I travelled to Berlin by night train and it was the first time I travelled like this, but I actually became a fan of it, so it might happen more often in 2020.

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