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My two first roles of b and w film

It has been already a trend online and it´s pretty common again, but analogue photography has fascinated me for a long time. I had an old camera at home, but honestly was a bit too lazy to use it. I was kind of scared by the fact that I would have to take care of all the settings. Usually, I am not really motivated to change to the manual mode. I mean, I am used to adapting the f-stop and that’s fine for me. Moreover, not having an automatic focus neither, did barely motivate me. The story changed a bit at New Year´s evening: It was one of my resolutions to start film photography but I am not a fan of New Year´s resolutions anyways. But this year a friend of mine had an automatic LOMO LC-A camera with him and when we started talking, he said that he would have three of them and that I could have one. And that’s the story how I got into film photography and a new very expensive hobby. The LOMO LC-A camera was invented in the Soviet Union and produced in St. Petersburg. The shutter works manually and it´s only necessary to change the focus, which is pretty easy because there exist just 4 levels: 80cm, 1,5m, 3m and ∞. My first two film roles, which I´ve just got back, were Ilford b and w films. I shot some random stuff and tried to get used to my new camera. I took some photos of street art, shop displays, attended a holocaust memorial on a very foggy evening and went to the mountains.

The quality of the photos is actually worse than I thought, but some of them turned out fine. I don’t know if it´s because of the film or the camera but I´ll have to scan two more roles of colour film to see if it´s the camera´s fault.

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