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The Bregenzerwald: a hike through cow pastures

Have you ever heard about the Bregenzerwald in Vorarlberg? If you haven’t heard about it, it’s okay, but you should add it to your bucket list. Why am I so into this region in the wets of Austria? Well, during our stay in the charming Bregenz, my father and I managed to get up early and went on a hike near Hittisau, a village, where around 2000 people live. We chose the “Hittisau Rundwanderweg” (Hittisau circular route), which starts at a parking place (Leckach 166, 6952) next to the Leckner Arch. At the beginning, the way follows the street and soon gets up. The trail continues going up in a zigzag road next to cow pastures. After a bit more than 3 kilometres we came by the first farm, where we saw a woman training her two border collies in English. We also had a short chat with her but soon continued going up. After we had passed the second mountain pasture, the way became more like a trail and wasn’t the dirt road anymore we had followed. From that point we went straight up, no zig zag road anymore but instead an amazing view onto the Alpes. On the top of this hike, at around 1620 meters in height the way was flat for a bit less than a half kilometre and then the descent started. On our way down, we were for a short time in Germany, because the trail crosses the border. At the beginning of the descent you have to be careful, hat you stay on the right side of the mountain for coming back to the parking place. The rest of the descent sometimes goes steeper and flatter. We also passed two other mountain pastures and at the end it stared to rain a bit. At the mountain pastures in this region hey produce a very famous cheese called Bergkäse in German. This kind of cheese is famous for the way it’s made: In the summer, the farmers live with their cows in the mountain and during that time, the animals just eat grass. Out of their daily dose of milk, the farmers make cheese, which mature for a few months till 2 years. At the end, the cheese has a very strong flavour.

The trail is 11,7 kilometres long and you 640 metres in height up and again 640 down so you should be in a good condition. Having good hiking boots is also necessary and if you like hiking sticks take them with you. Going on this hike with a dog might not be a good idea, because you cross a lot of cow pastures. Because of the time when we started our hike we were nearly the whole hike alone and didn’t meet other tourists, which made it very special.

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