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The first week in the country of piñas and national parcs

My first week, 7 days or 168 hours in Costa Rica are now over. After 15 hours in two planes, I arrived in the 25-degree warm Alajuela, which was quit a big difference, considering, that I was coming from the snowy and wintery Austria. While struggling with Jet Lag and the change of the weather, I already managed to explore my new home a bit and take some photos. I also visited the local farmers market for the first time, where you find nearly every kind of vegetables and fruits you dream of, from cashew apples to lettuce. For a quick refreshment during the hot days, grab a pipa, a green coconut, which will be opened for you by the stall owners and which is a good alternative, compared to the sweet refrescos. I`m definitely looking forward to explore more parts of Costa Rica and can`t wait to share more stories and photos with you.

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