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The south coast of England- one day in the seven sisters country park

The Seven Sisters near Seaford

A city trip can be really stressful, especially in the summer. Finding a place near the city, where you can relax or just do nothing is not easy. If you are in London the coast is a good place to visit, when you want to calm down and get new energy for the following days. The coast of England is very famous, because of its white cliffs consist of chalkstone. A lot of films took place here and it’s a popular spot for photographers. If you want a day at the beach combined with a short hike, the seven sisters are a good spot for your interest. The seven sisters are the 8 cliffs between Eastbourne and Seaford. But know where should you start? Eastbourne is a bigger town than Seaford and has much more urban life. Moreover, there is a pavilion and a pear. From the end of the beach you can begin your hike to the cliffs. There are two ways, a longer and a shorter one. On your way along the cliffs you will see a beacon and you you have different views onto the cliffs. On hot days you should have enough water with you, because there isn’t a drinking water fountain and you will walk for the whole hike under the sun and there won’t be a lot of shadows. Seaford is a smaller town and a bit like a domicile for elderly people. From the beach you are super close to the first cliff. From the top of the cliff you have a beautiful view onto the cliffs which seem to be at the opposite of you. There is also a stair down to the sea and after you passed the cliff you come to another beach. On the way you will see two houses, which are looking like they would be out of a film. You can go by train to Eastbourne and Seaford, but the tickets are very expensive and especially if you are traveling with a small group, renting a car will be the cheaper option. So, take your swimming clothes and a bottle of sun crème with you, when you visit London the next time.

View onto Eastbourne at the beginning of the hike

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