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Tortuguero- A National Park between the sea and a river

Watching the sunset from our hotel´s terrace

The village Tortuguero was the second stop on our road trip through Costa Rica. It´s located between the Caribbean Sea and a wide river system, which is a part of the local National Park. You can just go there by ferry boat from La Pavona. They also have guarded parking so you don´t have to worry about your car or your luggage, but still be careful. The city´s name refers to the Spanish word Tortuga, turtle, because of the high numbers of turtles, which leave their eggs there. Various companies offer “turtle tours” in the night there, in which you stay neat the beach and when a turtle arrives you can watch it, while laying its eggs. But I want to introduce another activity: a canoe ride in the big river system around the National Park. The German Biologist Barbara Hartung offers different activities around and in the Park, but my personal highlight and a real must do in Costa Rica, was her canoe tour. We were the first group, which left the entrance in the morning and started paddling. The tour started in the main river but soon continued in smaller river branches. From the canoe we spotted a high number of animals, like monkeys, birds and different reptiles. After two hours of looking for animals and listening to their sounds, we were back in the village. If you go there, I also highly recommend staying in a hotel with a terrace immediately at the river because you really don’t want to miss the sunsets there.

The view from the National Park´s wharf

A kingfisher

The other sunset...

Going back to la Pavona through the jungle

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