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Week 4- a quiet one

The restaurant, I´ve mentioned…

During the last week, I was very busy and wasn’t able to photograph until Thursday at all. However, at Thursday I got invited to visit the opening of the fair in my neighbourhood. There were some rollercoasters, some stalls, which sold churros and caramelized apples. On Friday after lunch I explored a new neighbourhood and found a restaurant that was super photogenic from the outside. I just snapped some photos and didn’t make it to eat something there, but I will definitely check this place out soon. On Saturday, I firstly managed to take some photos at the market hall, not the farmers market. This week was kind of quiet, but I´m already looking forward to new adventures, that will follow soon…

This man was preparing meat skewers and the smoke and the fire of his grill looked amazing

Some sweet beauties

Found some trash next to a house and the palms reflected perfectly in the broken mirror

My favourite portrait of the week shows a man who was selling meat at the market, when I asked him

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