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Week 5- exploring new neighbourhoods

Most of the cities in Costa Rica consist of smaller neighbourhoods and every hood has its own church and park. During the past week, I had time to explore some new areas around my place and visited some of the local churches, which were both really different. Mostly there is public space in front of them, like a football or a basketball ground. Moreover, some amazing trees started developing yellow flowers instead of leaves, because of the central American summer around a beautiful yellow-brown church and at the day, I visited this place, the sun even came out after a cloudy day. In generally, don’t worry if the weather is not like you imagined it, it changes super quickly here. On Saturday, I firstly visited the city Alajuela. Nearly every traveller in Costa Rica has at least visited this city once, because the airport is located just twenty minutes away from the centre. But anyway, in the morning I took a much more comfortable than expected bus to the Central park of Alajuela. From there, I walked down to the market, which was just five minutes away. A lot of people sell different food there, like fruits, vegetables or meat, but a bunch of stalls are also restaurants with a small number of seats. I chose one, which had already been well visited and ordered breakfast: An orange-carotte juice, which was surprisingly not sugared and an empaneada, which is basically a fried samosa consisting of maize and filled with cheese, chicken or meat. After a cheap breakfast, I made my way down the street to the farmers market of Alajuela. The location of it is a big hall and walking through the streets of stalls gives you an impression about typical agricultural products. I really love this type of places, because you can interact there with others easily and nearly everyone is open minded about taking a photo of him or her. If you have some time after or before your flight, I would really recommend going to Alajuela, just for a short stroll through the market and a snack.

After my visit at the church, I saw this man, who was repairing a car with his son and firstly didn’t understand me, but his son helped me translating

During walking through the city, this man was working on the main church and the afternoon light illuminated him perfectly

Just a random scene at the farmers market of Alajuela

One of my favourite photos of the past week: A woman packing beans into small plastic bags

Love the pose of this man, which was something different.

A man and his papayas

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