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Wirr at the Brunnenmarkt- breakfasting in the hip heart of Ottakring

Aktualisiert: 5. Mai 2019

We entered the small Café, located at the Yppenplatz between the market stalls of the Brunnemarkt on a snowy, cold Saturday morning. The inside is decorated with a lot of pot plants and instead of one big lamp, there are a big number of light bulbs all over the ceiling. Through the big windows, you have a good view at the busy market life around you and you feel a bit as being a part of it. We chose a small “front row” table and started looking at the menu. At the end we ordered a green bowl, waffles and an avocado bread. For drinking I chose a cardamom latte, which is basically just milk with cardamom, but a very good option during cold winter days. The green bowl, was a spinach salad with avocado, kale, boiled grains and an on top a poached egg. The avocado bread, was a big slice of bread with hummus, avocado and spinach leaves and for the colours, they added pomegranate seeds. The waffles are the ones which deserve the gold medal: two centimetres thick, a lot of maple syrup and cinnamon and on top banana slices. A classic beauty. Try them- you won´t regret it. At the end some facts and information: The restaurant also has a rooftop bar, which is opened during the spring and summer months. Moreover, there is also a pub garden in front of it. During our visit, the restaurant was not very crowded, compared to others, but I think that this usually is different and depends on the weather situation and how many people visit the Brunnemarkt. To get a table for sure, just give them a call the day before.

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